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The Goodnature® Rat

The Goodnature® Rat & Stoat Trap automatically kills 24 rats or stoats (and mice) – one after the other, before you need to replace the gas canister. When the pest tries to reach the lure inside the trap, they brush past a trigger which fires a piston, killing them instantly. The piston retracts and resets ready for the next pest.


Each A24 rat & stoat trap comes with a pump that refreshes the lure automatically for six months.

We have three A24 Trap kits available. Choose from a ‘Trap only’ kit, ‘Trap with counter’ or ‘Trap with Chirp’.

– Trap only gives you everything you need to start controlling rats and stoats.
– Trap with counter adds a Digital Strike Counter, so you know how many pests you’ve killed.
– Trap with Chirp is our most advanced trap. ‘Chirp’ upgrades the A24 trap to connect to your smartphone, and counts each pest your trap has killed.

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